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Foster Health Link

Foster Health Link (FHL) is a website and mobile application that provides caregivers with health information about children in their care.

The goal is for information to be shared electronically among the care team to better meet the needs of the children.

Support Line: (844) 654-3251 or

Key features of the application include the following:

  • Electronic Health and Education Passport
  • Mobile Application
  • Secure access for caregivers and social workers
  • Access to health information from the Ventura County Health Care Agency for children up to age 11 who have received care through the Ventura County Network of clinics and hospitals.
  • Access to the Network of Care or resource library of articles, medical definitions, and local resources to better understand the needs of children.

Network of Care

The Ventura County Human Services Agency has partnered with Trilogy Integrated Resources to develop the Network of Care for Children, Youth & Families website. Trilogy has developed the Network of Care for Children, Youth & Families website on a national level and it has been adopted by a number of California counties.

The goal of creating a Ventura County portal for the Network of Care for Children, Youth & Families website is to make it as easy as possible for individuals and families to find all the relevant information they need online to make the best, most informed decisions regarding care in their lives.

The Network of Care (NOC) provides:

  • access to local childhood development resources; early intervention resources for intellectual and developmental disabilities, and preparation for success at school, as well as resources for at-risk youth, families, and the agencies that support them
  • a comprehensive directory of services, including community-based support, foster care, custody, counseling services, and advocacy groups, as well as links to low-cost insurance programs for uninsured children

Using the Network of Care is easy! Click the link below:

Foster Health Link Training

Foster Health Link Overview

Spanish Training

For more information about Foster Health Link, please review the documents below:

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